June 2017 Visa Bulletin

May 9th, 2017

A significant change this month is that EB1 has retrogressed to January 1, 2012 for both India and China.  EB1 and EB2 remain "current" for all areas except for India and China.

Specifically, the visa bulletin lists the following EB2 and EB3 final action dates for May 2017:

EB-2 Worldwide: Action Date = current
EB-2 India: Action Date = 07/01/2008 (very slight movement)
EB-2 China: Action Date = 03/01/2013

EB-3 Worldwide: Action Date = 04/15/2017
EB-3 India: Action Date = 05/15/2005 
EB-3 China: Action Date = 10/01/2014 (no movement)
EB-3 Philippines: Action Date = 05/01/2013

For Family Cases, the F2A final action date shifted to August 15, 2015 for all areas. Mexico shifted to July 22, 2015.