//December 2017 Visa Bulletin

December 2017 Visa Bulletin

EB-2 remains current for all areas and EB-1 is current for both India and China.

Specifically, the December 2017 visa bulletin lists the following EB-2 and EB-3 final action dates:

EB-2 Worldwide: Action Date = current
EB-2 India: Action Date = November 1, 2008
EB-2 China: Action Date = July 1, 2013

EB-3 Worldwide: Action Date = current
EB-3 India: Action Date = October 15, 2006 (no change)
EB-3 China: Action Date = March 8, 2014
EB-3 Philippines: Action Date = January 15, 2016 (no change)

For Family Cases, the F2A final action date shifted to December 22, 2015 for all areas, except Mexico, which is November 15, 2015.

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