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Naturalization and Family-based Permanent Residency that puts people first.

Formally becoming integrated into the fabric of America can be overwhelming. Don’t worry; we won’t let you get lost in the process. Allow us to help ‘knit you in’ using our professional tools and expert knowledge of the process. Have piece of mind that at any time you have questions we’ll only be a phone call away.


Christoffersen Law assists busy US permanent residents with the citizenship process. Benefits of citizenship include voting, the ability to apply for family members to come to the United States, and a greater connection to the United States. The citizenship process begins with a consultation with one of our attorneys and continues through preparation, filing, and tracking the petition to the USCIS interview. We bill on a flat fee basis for clarity of budgeting.

Please contact Christoffersen Law to set up a consultation to discuss the specifics of your case. Please see the online USCIS Guide to Naturalization for general information about the process.

Benefits include the rights to vote and to run for government office, and the ability to petition for family members to come to the United States.

Typically, the ability to hold dual nationality depends on the law of the foreign government. Some countries, such as Canada, typically allow dual nationality, while others do not.

Marriage-based Permanent Residency

We assist US citizens and permanent residents with green card processing for foreign national spouses, whether residing in the United States or abroad. We are thorough, accessible, and efficient, preparing, filing, and tracking your application through the USCIS and/or the consulate abroad. This process begins with a consultation with one of our attorneys to analyze and explain the options and recommend the appropriate course of action. Our online database streamlines document and information gathering. We bill on a flat fee basis for clarity of budgeting.

If your fiancée is outside of the United States, you should start the process as soon as you decide to get married. Fiancee visa processing times are unpredictable and this involves a petition to the USCIS followed by a visa interview at a consulate abroad. If you intend to get married outside of the United States, the process is lengthy as well, involving an immigrant visa petition filed by the US citizen spouse and then consular processing abroad.

Spouses of permanent residents fall into the Family 2A category, which is backlogged. We can assist with the I-130 immigrant visa process and the subsequent consular processing through the US Department of State. See the visa bulletin for current timelines and priority dates. In the meantime, the spouse must obtain independent authorization to come to the US.

Family-based Permanent Residency

We enjoy working with US citizens who have foreign relatives who would like to move to the United States. Backlogs in many categories can be lengthy. This process begins with a consultation and document review with one of our attorneys. We bill on a flat fee basis for clarity of budgeting.

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